Your Kitchen Table
Is One of the Best
Ministry Tools You Have.

Now available everywhere books are sold!

Your Kitchen Table Is One of the Best Ministry Tools You Have.

Now available everywhere books are sold!

In Gather and Give, learn how to embrace the simple hospitality of the Bible that values connection more than perfection and people more than presentation. Inside, author Amy Hannon shares scriptural principles and practical ideas to make everyday hospitality a natural, joy-filled part of your life. You will feel encouraged and equipped to view your home as:

  • a holy wellspring of welcome to offer hope to a weary world;
  • a strategic springboard for ministering to those around you; and
  • the perfect platform for influencing others for Christ.

Amy’s three decades in ministry paired with her love for people and the table will inspire, encourage, and amuse you as she shares biblical insights, real life stories, and recipes that will stir you to gather and to give. Each chapter ends with questions that can be used for individual reflection or group discussion. A hospitality handbook and a short collection of stories that share the impact simple hospitality can make are also included.

Whether setting a full table or serving take-out, discover the delight of sharing God’s heart through everyday hospitality!


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Amy Hannon lives in Northwest Arkansas in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. She is married to her college sweetheart, Sam, who is the smartest and funniest man in the world. Her three greatest gifts came packaged as Grace, Luke, and Isaac. Amy owns Euna Mae’s, a one-of-a-kind kitchen boutique named after her grandmother. She authored a comfort food cookbook titled Love Welcome Serve, and she hosted her own cooking show for several years on Northwest Arkansas’s NBC affiliate. Amy speaks to women, hosts curated travel excursions and table events, and drums up all kinds of experiences in order to share her simple, biblical hospitality message.

Photo credit: Meredith Brown

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